April 14, 2015

Service with a Smile

Maxine Saddler
(Church Secretary for many years beginning February, 1956)  

      The following excerpt was from an undated article featured in The Lima News during the time of Maxine's service to our church:


(by Terri Leffler, Lima News Staff Writer)

       Serving some 1,000 church members in numerous capacities is her job.                   
       She is Mrs. Howard (Maxine) Saddler, First Evangelical & Reformed United Church of Christ church secretary. For six years Maxine has worked in the church office and says her activities range from sharpening pencils to attending women's meetings to keep up with various interests.  Mrs. Saddler is a member of Zion Lutheran Church, however, and explains she can better serve First E&R as a neutral party.   

       Among her services are such things as posting weekly envelope offerings, mailing all congregational literature, filling out certificates for baptisms, weddings, funerals, confirmations, and mimeographing Sunday bulletins, as well as program booklets and a monthly three page newspaper.                                                                                                                   

       Mrs. Saddler works the number of hours daily required to do her job. She says usually this is about four to six hours, and admits this arrangement is one of the nicest things about her job. "Actually," she declares, "I like the work very much- every part of it..." 

     The article mentioned Maxine was the secretary at her own church (Zion Lutheran) for five and a half years prior to accepting the position at First E&R. In her free time, Maxine and her husband were active members of the Floral Garden Club, which she served as Treasurer. They were also members of the Feather and Fin Fish Club.                                                                 

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