November 18, 2014

Charity Begins at Church

     The Women's Missionary Society was organized on November 7, 1904 by Rev. Paul H. Land, with the pastor's wife serving as the first president. 
     Other charitable groups such as the Nettie Snook Society formed in 1931, and the Girls Missionary Guild united in lending their support to the Women's Missionary Society. 
The Women's Missionary Society - 1963
President - Miss Martha Shaefer
Vice President - Mrs. Donald Coon
Secretary - Mrs. Ralph Burkholder
Treasurer - Mrs. Marvin Bucher

Front Row (Seated left to right)-
Mrs. John McNett, Mrs. Richard Vitz, Miss Martha Schaefer, Mrs. Ralph Burkholder, Mrs. Marvin Bucher, Mrs. Donald Coon, Miss Anna Klein, Mrs. Calvin Rable.

Second Row (Standing left to right)-
Rev. Richard P. Vitz, Mrs. Donald Crosson, Mrs. Roger Page, Mrs. Robert Nusbaum, Mrs. Donald Herold, Mrs. Douglas Hadding, Mrs. G.E. Herold, Mrs. Richard Dole, Mrs. Carl Rhoda, Mrs. Daniel Anthony, Mrs. William Kreher, Mrs. Lillian Gerstenlauer, Mrs. Lydia Stilgenbauer, Mrs. Grover Neumann, Mrs. Arnim Woll, Mrs. Ben Green, Mrs. Martha Garmhausen. 

November 4, 2014

World War I Servicemen - (Part 2)

Class Members Who Served in World War I
(1914 - 1918)
(Class #10 - Mrs. Herman Myers, teacher*)

Fred Aab

Ralph Andrews

Cornelius Dickman

Howard Dinkel

Frank Feikert

Herbert Weller

Christen Zurcher

*From a collection of pictures compiled in a booklet by their Sunday School teacher.