May 22, 2012

1887 Cornerstone


      The small rectangular structure built in 1866 was no longer adequate to serve the needs of the growing congregation.   
      On May 30, 1887, an attentive crowd gathered to witness the laying of the cornerstone of the new German Reformed Church which was about to be erected.

     The consistory instructed specifications for the vault: six inches wide, eight inches deep, and twelve inches long...inscription  "nur in Deutsch" (only in German).
     This historic stone can still be plainly seen located on the southeast corner of our building, with the engraved abbreviation


      Notice of the ceremony published in the Lima Courier (May 25, 1887), translated from German as follows:

     The cornerstone of the German Reformed Church will be laid next Sunday at 2 o'clock. Several good speakers have been invited to take part in the festivities. The choir has been diligently practicing several numbers. The Building Committee will give a detailed report of what remains to be done.
     We invite everybody to help us in the laying of the cornerstone for a Temple of Peace.

In behalf of the congregation,
E. Cantieny
(Secretary of the Congregation)