September 17, 2013

Dorothy's slippers

Organ shoes worn by Dorothy McNett,
organist of First United Church of Christ
from 1942-1972 


Tribute to Dorothy Rhoda McNett
(written by Church Historian Lee Van Blargan, 1972)
      The entire congregation was shocked to learn of the sudden death on February 15, 1972 of Dorothy Rhoda McNett, our devoted church organist for thirty-years. Dorothy was born on June 23, 1923, the daughter of Carl H. and Ruth Irene Rhoda. She was a great-granddaughter of Christian Rothe, the last surviving member of the first Consistory elected in the year 1863.
     Dorothy became interested in music at an early age and for some time studied under our former distinguished organist, George Urich. On September 1, 1942 she became our church organist and in a dedicated manner served until the time of her death. Her family has had the shoes worn by her while at the organ, bronzed and has presented them to the church... Her life was a continual source of inspiration to all and her memory will not fade throughout the coming years.