October 22, 2012

Book of Remembrance




In May 1983, the Ladies Aid Society began the endeavor of creating a "Book of Rememberance" as a eulogy dedicated to their departed sisters in Christ.


                                                                                                                         It is noted, for nearly a decade Carolyn Arnett neatly compiled information in the 40-page album which includes obituaries clipped from newspapers, funeral cards, and thoughtful summaries written from a personal perspective.  

Carolyn recently went to be with our Lord in her Heavenly home on October 6th, age 94. 

This "Book of Remembrance" she completed on behalf of the Ladies Aid Society years ago serves not only as a special tribute, but also a vital resource of historical documentation.  

"Lest we forget..."


October 5, 2012

Windows of the Soul

      One of the most beautiful features of our church building are the ornate stained glass windows. Numbering around 30 windows, they are mostly located in the Sanctuary and adult Sunday School area.
      The windows were installed when the building was erected in 1887. We have been told they were made in Germany and shipped to America--although this fact has yet to be verified.
      In 2003, the window restoration project began at a total cost of roughly $90,000. During the following year, each window was systematically removed and refurbished by a specialized company located out of town. It was disheartening to see plywood temporarily replacing the lovely panes!



      These pictures display a view of of subtle hues from outside the building. However, the windows inside reflect brilliant colors and symbols of Christianity.                                          
      Roy Coon (our "Historian Emeritus") has researched the symbolic meanings, which will be featured in future articles.