March 29, 2012

Faith Confirmed

     Since our earliest beginnings, Confirmation is considered a sacred rite of passage for young men and women. At about 13-years of age, they begin a thorough 2-year instruction in the Bible, the Heidelberg Catechism, and church history.  
     The Heidelberg Catechism dates back to 1563, developed in Germany. But it has been translated into all European languages, as well as some African and Asian. The document consists of 129 questions and answers.
     After completing their studies, the Confirmands stand in the presence of God before the congregation; answering random questions from memory, asked by their teacher. This review traditionally occurs on Palm Sunday. Embraced by the Church body, our newest members receive their first Sacrament of Holy Communion on Easter Sunday.   

Confirmation Class
Easter Sunday ~ April 12, 1903

Front Row (left to right) -
Leonard Schanbel, Irvin Clausing, Nina Schulz, Charles Klein, Rev. Paul H. Land, Otto Rhoda, Winnie Rhoda, John Weller. 
Back Row -
Ethel Schaub, Otto Aue, William Kissel, Mary Bacher, Karl Renz, Clarence Frey, 
Charles Tiemeyer, Minnie Heil, Walter Haege.    


"Was is dein einiger Trost im Leben und im Stebern?"
(What is thy only comfort in life and death?)

"Dass ich mit Leib und Seele, beides im leben und Sterben, nicht mein, sondern meines getreuen Heilandes, Jesu Christi eigen bin..."
(That I, with body and soul, both in life and in death am not my own, but belong unto my faithful Saviour, Jesus Christ...)